Practice areas

Areas of Practice:  

Studio Legale Primiceri can provide the legal assistance of a large spectrum of services in the following matters   

- Litigation  - Court Litigation – International & Domestic Arbitration – Individual and Corporate Insolvency;  

- Debt Collection; 

- Contracts – This includes drafting and review of contracts related to the business of the company such as rental of commercial premises, foreign and

domestic loan agreements; 

- Representations – Partecipation of our lawyers in meetings, negotiations and conferences, upon clients request; 

- Settlement  - Amicable settlement of disputes before agencies, governmental offices of arbitration and settlement law; 

- Administrative – Including advice to clients on laws and administrative regulations that could affect the normal functioning of the company or its


Business and Commercial Law

Debt Purchasing

-Studio Legale Primiceri advises and assists you in setting up new projects and  in any related matters on national and international business and

commercial law.

-We use to assist actively clients interested in purchasing consumer or commercial debt portfolios in Italy and across Europe. We have assisted many new

buyers through the entire process of purchasing their first portfolio.  We have also become a trusted resource for some of the largest collection agencies in

the nation, when they need to purchase charged-off accounts receivable.