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Laws firms

- Addelshaw Goddard - Manchester, UK - www.addleshawgoddard.com
Addleshaw Goddard LLP is a relevant british Law Firm with head office in Manchester (England, Great Britain)

- Marshall Legal LLP. - Colchester, UK - www.marshalllegal.com
Marshall Legal LLP is a Law Firm with head office in Colchester (England - GB)

- Thomas Kalperis International, Inc. - Falmouth, MA-USA - www.kalperis.com
Thomas Kalperis International, Inc. is a Law Firm with head office in Falmouth (Massachusetts - USA)

Credit Management & Debt Collection Companies

- Marshall Hamilton Ltd - Nelson, UK - www.marshallhamilton.com
Marshall Hamilton Ltd. is a Credit Management company with head office in Falmouth (Nelson - Great Britain)

- Creditreform Suisse - PEM SA - Lausanne, CH - www.creditreform.ch

- Alexander & Hamilton, Inc - Boca Raton, LA-USA - www.alhamco.com
Alexander & Hamilton, Inc. is a company specialized in global commercial accounts receivable management and debts recovery, with head office in Metairie (Louisiana – USA)

- Brookes Bates Partnership - Reading, UK - www.brookesbates.com
Brookes Bates Partnership is an international credit management company with head office in Reading (England, GB)

- Global Debt Solution, Inc. - Boca Raton, FL-USA - www.globaldebtsolutions.com
Global Debts Solutions, Inc. is a company specialized in corporate debt recovery with head office in Boca Raton (Florida, USA)

- JMP Group SA - Zurich, CH - www.jmpgroup.com
JMP Group AG is a factoring and credit management company with head office in Zurich (Switzerland, CH)

- Newman Debt Collection Agents - Leeds, UK - www.newman-dca.com
Newman & Company Ltd. is a debts collection company with head office in Leeds (England, Great Britain)

- Assurance Global - Wilmington(DE, USA) - https://www.assurance-global.com/en/
Assurance Global is a leading accounts receivables recovery company that specializes in helping Asian companes to improve profits and cash flow.


- F.E.N.C.A. - Federation of European National Collection Association - Ghent, BE - www.fenca.com
F.E.N.C.A. is the Federation of European National Collections Associations, with head office in Ghent (Belgium, BE)


- Bridport Aviation - Bridport, UK
Bridport Aviation is an aviation company with head office in Bridport (England, Great Britain)

- De Soutter Medical Ltd. - Berkhamsted, UK - www.de-soutter.com
De Soutter Medical is specialised in the development, production and worldwide distribution of high performance powered orthopaedic tools for surgical procedures with head office in Berkhamsted (England, Great Britain)

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