About Us

Studio Legale Primiceri is a small but esteemed firm operating in Italy in business and commercial law, particularly specialized in business and commercial dispute resolution, debt collection and corporate recovery, bankruptcy and insolvency.

Since its inception the firm has been specializing in representing companies doing business in Italy in all legal aspects at every level.

Studio Legale Primiceri can offer an entire range of services in order to optimize the management of debt collecting and bankruptcy proceedings all over Italy and, generally, all legal activities in civil and commercial matters, with particular regard to the Italian market, which is particularly difficult in some regions.

Studio Legale Primiceri can offer also a great variety of innovative strategies that allow our clients to achieve greater success in collecting their unpaid receivables, obtaining the best possible solution to their needs with answers customized to each specific situation, aiming to avoid any waste of time and money.

Since its inception in 1994 in Lecce, Studio Legale Primiceri has successfully advised a wide range of  international enterpreneurs and multinational enterprises.

Our services aim to assist both Italian and foreign business interests not only with local problems but also with the several issues which are faced in European, Asian and American markets. A proven network of executive international relations, including special expertise and combined contributions of several professionals in different areas makes it possible to deal with and resolve problems rapidly and efficiently.

The result is a highly skilled team of specialist lawyers and an increasing number of very satisfied clients. The key to provide effective legal services is the ability to understand the clients needs, interpret them in a legal and commercial context and deliver cost-effective, timely and above all understandble solutions.

The firm is integrated by cooperation of attorneys at law who are capable of meeting the needs for legal advice on Italian Law.